Suzanne Mack

April 22, 2020

If you’ve spent any amount of time in McCall, you’ve probably seen Suzanne Mack walking to and from work. As Office Services Supervisor at McCall Central District Health, she literally walks the talk.

We hear about what Suzanne has seen and learned from ten years of walking almost daily. She also has a unique childhood and personality that make her the perfect fit for this diverse job.

I’ve wanted to have Suzanne on the podcast from the beginning so we can learn more about our CDH. Maybe a month ago when we started getting serious about a pandemic, she remarked, “People talk about not being ready. We have been ready for a long time.”

Hear about that, along with the incredible range of services our CDH offers, including water testing, vaccines, reproductive services, dental services, food inspections, and more. Imagine them as the center of a web connecting government programs, local resources, community services, and a whole lot of wisdom from our favorite town walker.