Sherry Maupin

February 15, 2020

Sherry personifies community engagement. She relates her unusual journey into banking as a young woman, developing a knack for seeing what communities need and finding ways to make things happen. Visionaries aren't always Implementers with a capacity for details.

Sherry’s big-picture ideals have helped generate solutions and projects in our community. We didn’t win the final ABC round or pass a recreation district; however other cool things are happening because of those efforts--trails and access, anyone?

Do you live, work, shop, or play in Valley Country? Why would anyone want to be a County Commissioner creating structures for those things? Sherry reveals her motivation, learning curve, and facing the unexpected. She shares disasters (literally), wins, and challenges we are all facing.

If you care about the sustainability and future of our community, here are some insights from a leader we see in the grocery store, full of news and ready to serve us all.