Bill Whitacre

June 4, 2020

You may know Bill Whitacre in many ways, from his years managing the Simplot Company, or around town in McCall, or from his recent initiative, Crush the Curve Idaho.

While he deeply considers Idaho home, Bill also seeks inspiration in adventures around the world on a motorcycle. Idaho roads taught him some basics, allowing him to go anywhere. Almost. Getting into Iran was an intricate detour while riding the Silk Road from Turkey to China.

Learn about how continents may differ while people everywhere are truly the same. Hear Bill elaborate on how we give and receive respect across cultures. Sometimes this involves appreciating some very unusual cuisine.

This ethic of respect has him hesitate and carefully measure his words while describing a difficult journey through western China.

Bill also takes a lot of pictures, just not what you might expect. They reflect the spirit and personality of our adventurer wanting to be ‘curious and close in’ to people and their culture.

Bill closes out the conversation with the back story of Crush the Curve Idaho. He offers an inspiring call to rise above our limitations, make our systems work better, and continue cultivating respect and consensus.