Andrew Mentzer

March 18, 2020

Communities have a lot of people behind the scenes getting things done. Fortunately for our region, we have Andrew Mentzer, Executive Director for the West Central Mountains Economic Development Council.

Andrew’s work ethos hinges on collaboration—having conversations with everyone: non-profits, the private sector, small businesses, and government. Then collect more information, acquire funding, and implement a course of action, all with an eye on ‘best practices.’

We talk about Andrew and the Council’s work on regional broadband, housing, trail access, apprentice work programs, and how to reconcile those controversial notions of growth and development. Turns out our local version of an Economic Development Council is really something else, and that’s intentional.

You may notice the recording sounds differently than the previous episodes—we did this one by phone, adhering to the best practice of social isolation during the pandemic. We talk about getting through that as individuals and a community before Andrew shares what he’s been doing, as usual, behind the scenes.

Have a listen, and go read more for yourself at the WCMEDC website here.